Some jerk recently hit my mom's brand-new car while it was parked in the parking lot at Covenant hospital. It was a hit and run. No note. Nothing. So, my mom had to call an officer to her house to take the police report for insurance purposes. The first thing that came to my mind was that the officer probably had better things to do than come take some lady's police report that day.

Well, now that the LPD is offering online police reports, that officer can go fight crime rather than listen to my mom complain about what the world is coming to.

To take advantage of online reporting, Lubbock citizens can go to to file certain police reports at their convenience and without having to wait for an available officer to meet with them. They will then receive a copy of the report at no cost via email.

Some reports which are accepted through online reporting are:
Vehicle burglary,
Identity theft,
Lost property.
Residential vacation watches can also be requested.

For more information, visit and click on the File Police Report tab or call 775-3756 to hear a pre-recorded instructional message.