According to a Houston law firm, Texas has a tie for the 7th most dangerous city in the Lone Star State, and Lubbock is half of that tie.

The Darrow Law Firm analyzed data for Texas cities with a population of over 100,000 and based the analysis on three factors: Crime stats, police presence and socioeconomic factors of the community.

Crime data, according to the firm, was also gathered from the FBI's Crime Reporting program and reflect their data from 2014.

Lubbock tied with Killeen for 7th place, which is better than where we came in on the FBI list in 2013, which is the 2nd most dangerous city in Texas.

So we are making progress.

Per 100,000 people, Lubbock had 4.96 homicides. And based on that same 100,000 people, Lubbock had 52.93 rapes, 137.7 robberies and 666.18 aggravated assaults.

The most dangerous city in Texas, according to the law firm, is Odessa, while the safest city in Texas is Round Rock, just outside Austin.