55-year-old Sharon Simmons of Carrollton, Texas is a single mother and a grandmother of two. And on Saturday, she tried out to become a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

Now, she doesn't LOOK like a stereotypical grandmother. She's been entering fitness competitions since she turned 50, and has won nine of the 20 she's entered. She's also got a six-pack and blonde hair.

So Sharon tried out to become a Cowboys cheerleader along with hundreds of other women. She says she actually forgot her routine, but improvised okay.

Right now, the oldest cheerleader in the NFL is 43-year-old Laura Vikmanis, who's a cheerleader for the Cincinnati Bengals.

(Here are some photos of Laura.  The Raiders also had a 37-year-old grandmother on their cheerleading squad last season. You can see photos of her, here.)

There's one last point that most of the media is dancing around, since this is a feel-good story.  But we're not afraid of the truth: While it's impressive that Sharon tried out, she didn't get a callback, so she won't be a Cowboys cheerleader.

She should've set her sights lower. The Cowboys cheerleaders are the gold standard. You're telling me the Jaguars cheerleaders couldn't use this gimmick?  Check out a video of Sharon's tryout here.)