The REAL Miley poked fun at Justin's "swagger coach", but the most interesting part of the sketch came when the FAKE Miley brought up the scandal where Miley was caught smoking salvia last year.

(Salvia is a hallucinogenic herb.)

Vanessa said, quote, "So you're growin' up…like me, doing salvia. Did you know I smoked salvia?" And Miley, as Justin, responded, quote, "There's no reason why you wouldn't…because it's totally legal, yo."

She delivered that last part deliberately, looking straight at the camera as if she was pointing out how absurd she thought that scandal was.

(In real life, Miley said smoking salvia was "a mistake" last month.)

Anyway, here's the skit:

And here's video of Miley's monologue, in which she sings a song about some of her other recent "controversies."  She also played Fergie in this Black Eyed Peas skit.