As we all know the Super Bowl was on Sunday. Who were you rooting for? Did you have a Super Bowl party or was it just family hanging out together?

I love football games. All of my family gets together just to watch the game. Not to mention all the great food that's made.

I was asked yesterday by my family who I was rooting for. I simply said, “I’m here to watch the great commercials.” Now don’t get me wrong I like watching football, but my team wasn’t in it, so I didn’t really care who won.

There were a couple commercials that stood out to me, but once the Budweiser commercial of the Clydesdale’s horses came on, I was an emotion wreck.

As I started to watch it my eyes started to get teary-eyed.The next thing you know I was bawling like a baby. I’m 100% sure that everybody was laughing at me, but it was just a good commercial.

Which Commercial was your favorite? While you think about which one was your favorite enjoy this happy/sad commercial I loved.

Let me know which one caught your attention.