Need extra cash for the holidays? Don’t we all!

It's estimated that there is over $60 billion dollars sitting in unclaimed property in every single state.

Are you owed money? Maybe you had a paycheck from an old employer you didn’t get or cash. Or maybe you had a utility deposit or a rebate check you never cashed. That is where comes into play. is a great website that can help reunite you with your money. It checks all 50 states for any money that was submitted to the state. So even if you lived in another state, it can find anything that is due to you.

I took a few minutes and searched my own name and found $27 from a rebate in the early 2000s. Hey, that's a tank of gas for the truck. I also searched some of my co-workers names and they have some money sitting out there as well.

What do you have to lose by checking? Let us know if you found any missing money!