There's a lot of new credit card tech out there these days, but even with all the added safety features, over eight credit card fraud cases have been reported in Lubbock this year.

These cases are often referred to as skimming scams and involve a device called a skimmer that is affixed to an ATM. This device can read and store a credit card's information.

Kenneth Bond, a victim of the recent frauds, had his card number stolen without ever losing the card itself. The thief charged over $600 on the stolen card. Bond's card was charged at a Lubbock United Supermarket, but other cards have swiped in at local Walgreens and convenience stores as well.

"Why sure they have machines to make a new credit card and I thought I never thought of that," Bond told Everything Lubbock in an interview. "It never crossed my mind."

While micro-chips are making their way into newer cards, older ones can still fall prey to card scanners of other equipment meant to steal your card's information.

The Lubbock Police Department advises everyone to remain vigilant and check card machines for loose parts.

No arrests have been made in these cases.

[Via Everything Lubbock]