An employee at Nora's Mexican Food Restaurant stopped a robbery Monday night by refusing to hand over money.

According to Lubbock Police Department Public Information Officer Tiffany Pelt, the attempted robbery happened after 7 p.m. Monday (Nov. 21) when a suspect entered Nora's Mexican Food Restaurant, put a plastic bag on the counter and demanded the employee fill it with money.

The female employee refused to comply, which caused the male suspect to reach behind his back and say he would shoot her. She again refused to hand over any money, at which point the suspect fled the scene. It's unknown if the man actually had a weapon.

The suspect is described as a white, bald man around 40 years old and 5'10" tall. He was wearing sunglasses and a black shirt with flames on it. He has yet to be apprehended.

Residents with any information on the crime or the suspect may call the Crime Line at (806) 741-1000.

While it's good news that the employee wasn't hurt during the robbery, Pelt told KFYO News that armed robbery victims should not place their life on the line over material possessions. She offered some advice to people should they ever be placed in such a situation.

"If you become the victim of an armed robbery, please remember that items and property can be replaced and that nothing is more valuable than your life," said Pelt. "Do not risk your life or another person’s life for property, and do not delay the robbery in any way that could increase the potential for more violence. Avoid quick or sudden movements; a nervous criminal could take that as a move to grab a weapon. Once you are safe, call police."

She also advised that being a good witness is very important. Keeping your calm and paying attention to what a suspect looks, including any defining characteristics like tattoos, clothing and facial hair, could help police apprehend them.

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