According to The Pulse Of Radio, Paul Rodgers revealed that following the death of Jim Morrison in 1971, The Doors were seriously considering asking him to replace the "Lizard King" as their new frontman.

Rodgers explained that it's only recently come to his attention that he was shortlisted to become The Doors’ second lead singer before Ray Manzarek decided to take over vocal duties himself. Rodgers told Uncut magazine, "I discovered quite recently that I was lined up to join THE DOORS, which blew my mind. Robby Krieger told me that The Doors were all fans of FREE and after Jim Morrison's death; they came to England looking for me. (The) thing is, at that time, I had buried myself in the country, working on things, and they couldn't get a hold of me."

He went on to explain: "My jaw actually dropped like in a cartoon when Robby told me this. Would I have joined them? I dunno. It's hard to say, looking back. But I think not. I tend to form bands, that's what I do. Although it's always flattering to be asked!"

Rodgers told The Pulse Of Radio that throughout his career, his primary musical inspiration has always been linked to the blues: "You used to look around and think, 'God, is there no other way?' — y'know? And then I heard these blues guys singing about jumping on the first train smoking, and heading out of town, you know, and my friends can have my room. And I thought, 'Wouldn't it be great if you could just do that?' And that drew me to playing and singing blues. And it's actually what I did, and I'm still doing."

Jam to Paul Rodgers along with Queen on the Free classic "All Right Now":