In early 2009, Ronald Ball bought a can of Mountain Dew from the vending machine where he worked, at Marathon Oil in Wood River, Illinois.

He became violently ill as soon as he started drinking it. And he claims it's because there was a dead mouse in the can.

Naturally, Ronald filed a lawsuit against Pepsi, since they make Mountain Dew, as well as the company that made the vending machine. He's looking for a total of $350,000 in damages.

The trial was supposed to begin this past November, but Pepsi is trying to get the lawsuit dismissed using one of the more disgusting defenses I've heard.

They say that the can of Mountain Dew was bottled in August of 2008, several months before Ronald bought and opened it. And if a mouse spent that much time in their soda, it would have been COMPLETELY DISSOLVED.

So Ronald wouldn't have known he was drinking a mouse, other than a, quote, "jelly like substance" at the bottom of the can. (I just gagged typing that sentence.)

Ronald says he sent the body of the mouse to Pepsi, and they destroyed it. Pepsi's looking to have their motion heard in court next week.

(Madison Record)