Last second shoppers are the most common around Christmas. They'll put off getting their Christmas shopping done until the absolute last second but then complain about the crowds. Sometimes you can score that perfect gift at the last second but, for the most part, shoppers will go with a safe gift. There are still perfect gifts that you can find without having to look too hard or shop for too long. Here's our list of the top 5 perfect last second gifts.

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    Sure, most people consider it the lazy man's gift. But it's truly the gift that everyone wants. You'll never have a person disappointed in getting a gift card for Christmas.

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    Hickory Farms

    You can never go wrong with giving someone food, especially when it's from Hickory Farms. Their fantastic gift sets and delicious food has been brightening up Christmas Mornings for years.

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    Alcohol, like food, is the perfect way to brighten up someone's holiday season. Steer clear of liquors and beers but make sure you grab a bottle of wine. Tell people that you searched high and low for this bottle when in reality you grabbed the first you saw in your price range. We also recommend you give local wines including Cap*Rock and Llano.

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    It's the perfect way to start out the other 364 days in the year so it makes sense that it should be what you give as a last second gift this holiday season. You can go with store bought but we suggest you go to specialty shops or your favorite coffee hole to see what they have to offer. The best place in Lubbock just might be Otto's Granary.

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    It's the ultimate gag gift and truly the gift that keeps on giving. You may have already gotten one this holiday season, but if not just wait and i'm sure you'll receive one that you can regift. It's cheap and easy to find or make. Plus, if you give a fruitcake to someone this year you may not have to worry about buying them something the next.