Roger Taylor is the drummer from Queen. And he's got a problem with a lot of the Queen tribute bands out there: THEY'RE NOT GOOD.

So he and the other remaining members of Queen have decided to take matters into their own hands and hand-picking their OWN tribute band. That way, Taylor says, it will be done properly.

If you think you can sing like Freddie Mercury or rock the guitar like Brian May or competently drum like Taylor, you can upload an audition video to the website

Next year, the winners will get to play as a part of the Queen Extravaganza tour, which is a coast-to-coast tour featuring Queen, the tribute band, plus some unreleased Queen footage and a massive stage show.

Marc Martel is the lead singer for a Christian rock band in Canada called Downhere. But he submitted a video of himself singing "Somebody to Love", and he sounds EXACTLY like Freddie Mercury.

He even looks a little bit like him...and he should get points just for his attempt at growing Freddie's signature 'stache: