We at Kool have been compiling lists over the past couple of weeks dealing with everything related to Lubbock. From Mexican food to BBQ and so much more, we bring you the "Best of" things from Lubbock. This week's list has already given us our biggest feedback ever. We asked our listeners to send it restaurants from Lubbock we still wish existed and I took the liberty to pick the top 5. It would be nice to have every place on the list back, but here is your top 5, hand picked from your submissions. See if your submission from Facebook made it to the list!

  • HiDi-Ho

    Lesley Loper:  Hi-D-Ho on University. Used to ride my bike there for a Holly Burger and a Purple Cow.

    Karen Snow: Then there was the drive in, the Hidy Ho on what use to be College now University...Hidy burgers the original Big Mac, car hops with red jackets and red shorts on roller skates! I was known to run to Lubbock on lunch break and eat a Hidy burger....sometimes I never made it back to class...

    pointnshoot, Flickr
  • The Brittany Restaurant

    Amanda Cartwright: ‘The phones. Loved the hotdog on a hamburger bun with BBQ sauce.’

    Sara McCormick: ‘The hamburgers were killer and the best part was calling in your order from those little red phones!!’

    Bill Winner: ‘You phoned in the order from your table. "Double Chili Cheese Burger"!’

    Veronica De La Cruz: Anything on their menu was AWESOME!’

    Incase., Flickr
  • Char-King

    Pat Donithan said ‘its now a carlot...loved those char-broiled burgers.’

    Leslie Cranford said ‘Best location was at 48th & Q.’

    Melanie Tatum said ‘the original Hawaiian Burger!’

    Bobby ONeal said ‘Loved the Char King bar b que burger in the 60's’

    yoppy, Flickr
  • Shakie's Pizza

    Donice Holley Darby said ‘MOJO POTATOES’

    Debbie Austin Carter said ‘How could I forget Shakeys Pizza???!!!!! Like the old days (before the buffet) when they had a piano player and banjo picker!’

    Brandon Carter said ‘I want shakey's pizza, chicken and mojos back!’

    Honestly, every single person who mentioned Shakies mention the Mojos.

    Michael_Lehet, Flickr
  • Muther's on Idalou HWY

    Mike Jeffe Deleon said ‘Everything on the menu was great...’

    Damon Harkins said ‘I miss the Step muther burger. Yum yum!’

    Maryann Deleon said ‘The porky muther good food miss it!’

    Deneise Barnes said ‘Sure do miss the chicken fried steaks sooo d@#n yummy!!!!!’

    Kristin Cook said ‘Muthers is one of the most missed hamburger joints in lubbock! All of the burgers were huge and juicy and full of flavor! It was amazing and mouthwatering! Best burgers hands down!!!!!’

    Danci Parks said ‘The muther burger is all I can think of, I was so young. I know rafe, he's a family friend. Nobody makes it like he does.’

    KB35, Flickr