During an interview to promote his memoir, "Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock" Sammy Hagar claimed he has twice made contact with extra-terrestrials.

The former Van Halen front-man didn't include the full details of the encounters in his book, because his co-author told him people wouldn't want to hear about them. However, the 63-year old explained to MTV Hive that he was first contacted by aliens as a four-year-old when he threw rocks at a low flying UFO, before blacking out for a while.

Then, about 30 years ago, aliens visited Hagar again, this time by making a "wireless" connection with him. According to Hagar, they "downloaded something into me" and maybe also "uploaded something from my brain."

Hagar acknowledges these claims make him "sound like a crazy person" but insists these encounters were "real."

Sammy says he's included a lot of his extraterrestrial thoughts in his lyrics, but they've never been the hits. They've only been the underground songs. One example is "Someone Out There" off his 1977 solo album "Musical Chairs."

Here's part of the song where he talks about aliens:

Here are the lyrics:
"Travelin' through heaven all alone with a star
I can't help but wondering if we really are.
And I know it may sound crazy, but, I felt so all alone
And just today, I realized how much and how far we've grown.

"And I feel so scared and lonely
To think we're the only ones.
When I know there's someone out there.
And someday they'll come.
I know they're gonna come.

Oh, yea!

"I watch through my window so late every night.
I'm hopin' to see your light shine up in the sky.
So please don't you keep me waiting all alone here with my thoughts.
Well, I believe my imagination, it's all that I've really got."