If you ask me, the concession stand at Tinseltown USA and Movies 16 here in Lubbock are both a HUGE ripoff. Seriously, they're ridiculously overpriced. So, why can't I show some self-restraint when I smell that delicious popcorn? I think they put some pixie dust on that stuff. Anyway, next time you head to one of those Lubbock-area theaters, make sure you take advantage of this fountain drink special! If you go to a lot of movies, It might save you a mortgage payment over the course of a year. More on this special on the next page...

I have to admit, I saw AJ entertainment editor William Kerns mention this on
Fabebook and I'm going to steal exactly what he said about it:

"Whoa. For $5-plus, I was able to buy a 44-ounce, reusable cup at Cinemark. These cups, which are made of a strong plastic and do not resemble the usual movie cups, can be taken back to either Tinseltown or Movies 16 and, once there, refilled for $3 ... repeatedly for 12... months."

I couldn't have said it better myself. Click HERE to see more at the official Cinemark website.