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'Grossology' Brings the Science of Boogers, Gas & More to Lubbock
It's an amazing world, up-close and personal. The science behind a sneeze and more, Grossology: The Impolite Science of the Human Body, takes a very close up look at our bodies.
The focus is on the stuff we don't talk about, but can be a real curiosity -- especially when you get a…
Big & Small Pups Turn Up at Three Dog Bakery's 3rd Birthday Party
Last weekend, Lonestar 99.5 was out to help Three Dog Bakery celebrate their third birthday, and we were able to catch some wonderful and adorable photos.
You will love this photo gallery of dogs big, small and somewhere in between. One is cuter than the next...
Sophia Campa-Peters Is Back Home
We're happy to report this good news from the family of Sophia Campa-Peters. She is recovering well after major brain surgery and is now back home in West Texas.