The website has put together a list of 34 random facts about scary movies.  Dedicated horror fans will probably know most of these, but the rest of you might learn something.  Here are six highlights...

--The mask in "Halloween" is actually William Shatner's face.

(This is TECHNICALLY right, but there's an asterisk by it . . . because director John Carpenter has said it was a CAPTAIN KIRK mask, and it really didn't look anything like Shatner.)

--"Psycho" was the first movie to show a toilet flushing.

--Robert De Niro and Robin Williams were both considered for Jack Nicholson's role in "The Shining".

--Nicholson was considered for the part of Hannibal in "Silence of the Lambs".

--Tom Cruise was offered the lead in "Edward Scissorhands", but he passed because he wanted a happier ending.

--The movie "Final Destination" was based on a rejected "X-Files" script.

(Check out the complete list here.)