Some guy has created 'Replacement Google', which looks like regular Google except it says, quote, " is now sponsored by the NFL" and it has a picture of the NFL shield logo.

(Play with it at

But it doesn't work as good as Google and that's intentional.  Someone described it like this:  Quote, "As is the case with the replacement refs, consistency is not a strong suit of Replacement Google.  Results seem to vary."

Here's how it works:  When you enter a search item into, you'll usually get some fun results on something completely different.

But the results come up in REAL Google, so if you clear the search field and type in something else, you'll get REAL search results, because you're no longer dealing with Replacement Google.

Meanwhile, has created a gallery of all 32 NFL coaches "yelling at the replacement refs."  It's fun, but not all the coaches are actually yelling.