It's weirdly addictive to look at the tour riders that musicians give to concert venues with their DEMANDS.  Yeah, mostly it's food and drinks . . . but it's those bizarre, random, OTHER requests that make the riders great.

Ultimate Classic Rock pulled some of the best requests off famous bands' old riders.  Here are a few highlights . . .

GUNS N' ROSES used to demand, quote, "an assortment of adult magazines, [including] 'Penthouse' and 'Playboy'."

PETER GABRIEL demanded a, quote, "hippy style" massage in an incense-filled room.

RUSH demands different liquor based on the day of the week.  Mondays are rum, Tuesdays Chivas Regal, Wednesdays cognac, Thursdays gin, Fridays scotch, Saturdays vodka, and Sundays Courvoisier.

CHEAP TRICK demanded a stage that's at least 40 feet wide and deep . . . unless the original lineups from Led Zeppelin, The Who, or The Rolling Stones requested a different size stage.  They also said they'd bend for Little Richard.

VAN HALEN is famous for their 1982 rider where they demanded NO BROWN M&Ms.  They've said they made that request just to see if the venue had been paying attention.  They also requested herring in sour cream and KY jelly.

You can check out more requests from other bands and artists here.