As many of you know, I had to let my 14-year-old yellow lab go to the 'Big Backyard in the Sky' last week. Zoey was more than just a great dog, she was a family member and the best friend I've ever had. While it's sad to lose her, it makes me feel better to know that she's not in pain anymore.

Over the last few days, I've received countless emails, phone calls and Facebook posts from friends, family members and listeners sending their condolences and best wishes. So many people have been in my shoes and know the heartbreak I'm feeling.

My friend Becky had this to say and I think she put it more perfectly than anybody...

I think that dogs love us the way God intended us to love one another. Their love is pure and honest and unconditional. That is what makes it do hard to let them go because they have shared something with us that no human has the capacity to understand. Dog love is so uncomplicated. There are no strings attached, no drama, no ulterior motives. Their love is simple and the only time they break your heart is when you have to let go. I've been there and until you know Dog love, you don't know love at all.

Isn't that perfect? I certainly couldn't have said it any better!

Anyway, I'm doing MUCH better than I was just a few days ago, but I still miss my little girl. I guess I always will. And that's a good thing.