PEOPLE! There should be a law that says you have to be smarter than the internet, to use the internet. Sadly, most people on the internet are stupid idiot ignoramuses. 

This tweet went "viral" yesterday because its a long Cheeto. First of all, since when is a long Cheeto important? Since never, that's when. But even more stupider than that, and yes I had to use stupider because there isn't a word dumb enough to express the stupid people are, even more stupider than that, is that no one actually used their brain for even HALF a second with this. Look at the Cheeto in this picture:

Now look at the Cheeto again. Then look right below it and look at the Cheeto bag it supposedly came out of. Notice how the Cheeto is BIGGER THAN THE BAG IT WAS IN?!?!?!? This, you stupids, is not physically possible, and therefore this isn't a real thing.

Now I understand if you thought this was just a fun thing and shared it to be goofy. But if you for even 1 second thought that this was a real thing??? Please see your way to the exit of the internet and go read a book with words and not just pictures in it. Until then you cannot internet anymore because you're ruining it for the rest of us.