We spotted some very interesting birds this week.  The first photo is an American Avocet with it's upturned beak and spindly legs.  The Avocet is referenced a "shore bird."

The second bird is the Glossy Ibis which has a downturned beak and brilliant colors on it's wings.  The third photo is a Bittern, which is a squatty bird with no neck!  The fourth photo is a Black Crowned Night Heron sporting the original mullet!

I have never seen these four types of birds before and find them very interesting. It appears that these have "migrated" to the lake in the warmer months.  All either eat fish or little organisms swimming around in the water.

We encourage you to come look at these interesting birds and many other species as well at Buffalo Springs Lake. Pick your campsite and get ready to view nature in all of it's grand on our nature trails, shorelines, and docks!

Photos and Text by Jim Madewell.