This story has been proven to be false. You can stop reading it now.

Facebook is so big that many of us don't personally know half the people on our friends list. But did you know other people can follow you and you have no idea?

A friend posted this info the other day so I decided to investigate it myself. Go into your settings, then account settings then click on Blocking:



From there enter the phrase "following me" into the search field:


When you click on "Block" you'll probably get a screen full of people you've never heard of, many of them from all over the globe, who are following you for some reason. Block them all. I don't risk it with all the hacking going on these days, I dumped everybody. They have no business in my business.

Chelsea Holloway Via Facebook

The fact that this is possible is kind of creepy since more than likely your profile is of zero interest to Gutibazz and Rholdan, whoever the hell they are. In fact this is my friend's blocked list, and when I checked I had these people on my list too. Just no.