Six Things New Parents Should Stop Doing on Facebook
Posting Facebook updates about tiny, insignificant things is annoying.  But parents...especially NEW parents...can be the MOST annoying, because they constantly post insignificant updates about their KIDS. If you're a mom or a dad (or you're about to be one) here are six more things y…
Got a New Baby? Yes, There’s an App for That
Between feedings, diapers and naps, new parents have a lot to think about. And yes, for all you inquiring tech-savvy parents, there’s an app to help track all that. In fact, there are several. The real question, however, is, “Are they worth the download?”
What Song Was Number One the Week You Were Born?
The new thing on Facebook is people looking up the song that was number one the week they were born, then posting the video on their Facebook wall.

Even if you're too cool to participate in Facebook trends, it actually IS interesting to find out what your "Birth Song" is.

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