Bob Dylan

‘Bob Dylan Hair’ Shows Up in Black Keys Divorce
Divorces are never pleasant, especially when you have to wrangle over who gets the money, the car, the house and ... that wad of Bob Dylan's hair. No, seriously. That's something Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach and his ex-wife recently fought over in court.
Memoir by Bob Dylan’s Road Manager Planned
A memoir by Bob Dylan's longtime road manager, who died in 2001, is being completed by his son. The book will detail Victor Maymudes's decades-long relationship with the singer-songwriter, whom he first met in 1961 when Dylan was still a struggling folksinger.
Bob Dylan’s Strange New Video
Bob Dylan has released a video for 'Duquesne Whistle', and it's pretty amusing. It's light-hearted at the beginning, with a guy trying to impress a woman in the city. But a few minutes later, the mob is beating the guy with a baseball bat.

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