Kool Website of the Day

We’re Not Getting Enough Sleep
I don't mean to pile on by talking about how tired you are at this hour of the day…but yeah, you're tired. I'm tired. We're all tired. Read why on the next page!
Free Service From the Lubbock Police Department!
Nixle is a Community Information Service Provider built to provide secure, reliable communications. Its authenticated service connects Lubbock citizens with real time, geographically targeted information by text, email, or over the Web. This is a completely FREE service provided by the Lubbock Polic…
Kool Website of the Day: GovDeals.com
GovDeals is the place where government agencies across America sell surplus and confiscated items on the internet. You can search for items near you by typing in your zip code. There really are some great deals to be had here from file cabinets to tractors to cars to jewelry. Check it out.