Dad Gets Surprise Puppy, Reacts Adorably
You might think that children are the only people capable of being delighted to the point of preciousness at the sight of a new puppy, but you would be wrong. Look at this manly dad, for example. He bangs on a car, covers his face with adorable fists, and does a little dance...
10 Adorable Dreaming Puppies
Ahh, puppies. We have no idea how it's possible, but everything they do is so darn cute. They can wear an Elvis suit, prepare for Hurricane Sandy or even subject themselves to toddler torture, and they're still ridiculously charming.
Puppies Devour Food in Record Time [VIDEO]
Six little rescued puppies show just how fast food lasts when it's dinner time. Take a look at the adorable rescued puppies below, and Click Here to find out how you can give loving homes to animals in need here in Lubbock. Click through to see the video.
Cutest Puppies of the Puppy Bowl
A gallery of the adorable 2011 contestants in Animal Planet's popular Super Bowl Sunday event: the Puppy Bowl!
It airs Super Bowl Sunday at 2:00 P.M.  Overdose on cuteness by watching all the preview videos.