A Scam That’s Cold as Ice
The BBB of the South Plains and Everything Lubbock have uncovered another online product scam that claims to be based out of Lubbock but isn’t. (Please don’t go there!) has been “selling” what they claim to be genuine Y…
Another Scam you Should be on the Lookout For!
Another day, another scam. I talked about the text version of this one a while back. (Click here for all the details.)
A company calls you, with an automatic message and a robotic sounding voice that says your name, informing you that they have a claim filed against you and that they have exhausted a…
Another Scam Could Affect Man’s Best Friend
Most of us here are animal lovers and when you hear of abuse involving an animal it can make your blood boil.
This is a warning of a semi-new scam that I consider abuse, abuse against those who just want a loveable four-legged friend in their lives...

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