You must Spell “Knaidel” right
Thursday night was the Spelling Bee and all eyes were on 13 year old, Arvind V. Mahankali. Did he spell the word right...Was it a tough one for him...Did he win??? These are the questions you are probably asking yourself right now!
Dancing with the Stars-2 out of 3 Ain’t Bad
Dancing with the Stars is getting pretty intense...well I think so, but Monday and Tuesday of this week show was awesome. All the Stars are just getting better and the competition is just getting heated more.
Storage Wars is back with a Whole New Season
It’s back again and this time with a whole new season. Storage Wars the new season premieres tonight. Time to enjoy Brandi, Jared, Barry, Darrell, and Brandon back again tonight for more drama and fun.
Kinds of Shows We Do Not Need Any More of; A Commentary
It's a good thing that RYAN SEACREST'S work-in-progress is NOT a traditional "singing competition show" . . . because that's on my list of the kinds of TV shows we definitely DO NOT need any more of.  
--Off the top of my head, the list would include:  SETH MACFARLANE animated shows, "…