And you Thought you had a Clever License Plate
The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles has released the most interesting license plates for 2016. Of course, if you think you can come up with something better, tell us about it!
My Plates Top Personalized Plates for 2016
Best Texas/USA Pride Plates 2016
I@MURICA (I love America)
Best Co…
People Keep Saying Texans Love Candy Corn
It's two weeks or so until Halloween and everyone seems to be coming up with lists of favorite candy for each state. They even did this on "Good Morning, America" this week.
How in the world does Candy Corn keep getting listed as the "Favorite Halloween Candy in Texas&…
Child Dies At Schlitterbahn Water Park
A family day out turned tragic on Sunday as a 10 year old boy died at Schlitterbahn water park while riding what is billed as "the world's tallest water slide".
The accident occurred at the Texas-based waterpark chain's Kansas location...

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