Did You Know That Boleo Was in a Tejano Music Video?
Yes, it is true! Last year at this time I was honored to be asked to participate in the video for Devin Banda’s "Yo No Soy Asi."
At that time, I was working for a local Tejano station on the morning show. I had gotten to know LOTS of Tejano artists very well, in…
Boleo’s Top 5 Selena Songs
Selena month is coming to a close, and I thought to myself:
"What better way to end things than with my top 5 pics for best Selena songs!"
So here we go!
Number 5 - Baila Esta Cumbia
This is such an energetic song for the period, her vocals really stand out and she proved to the world …
Here’s What It Would Look Like If You Were Superman
Here's the closest you'll ever get to being Superman. A special effects company in L.A. used a remote control helicopter and a GoPro camera.
And they superimposed arms into the video, so it looks like you're Superman flying around Los Angeles helping people. It's actually REALLY …
And Now…A Raccoon Popping Bubble Wrap
You know the feeling of satisfaction you get from popping bubble wrap? Apparently we're not the only animals who enjoy it. If you've got a minute to waste, there's a video going around of a RACCOON doing it.

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