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Is This The Worst Song Ever? [VIDEO]
A 13-year-old girl named Rebecca Black posted a music video on YouTube last month for a song called "Friday," and it's so bad, it's becoming a sensation on YouTube. Some people have been calling it the worst song ever written. Which is a bit of a stretch, but you decide. See the …
A Dog Trainer Performed CPR and Saved a Dog’s Life [VIDEO]
There's amazing footage on YouTube of a dog trainer in Washington State named Ron Pace saving a dog's life by administering CPR. The video's hard to watch if you're a dog lover, because the owner screamed and cried the entire time. But a few minutes later, the dog was fine.
Volkswagen The Force Toyota Parody [VIDEO]
Remember the Volkswagen Super Bowl ad that showed a little kid in a Darth Vader costume trying to use "the force"? At the end, his dad hit a button on the keys from inside the house so the kid thought HE started the car. Well, someone posted a new parody of it on YouTube that makes fun of…
Words of Wisdom from 40 Movies in 7 Minutes
If you're looking for a little inspiration today (and have seven minutes to kill) someone posted a montage on YouTube of 40 different movie characters offering up words of wisdom. See the video on the next page!

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