Last week, 53-year-old Ted Williams went from homeless to famous, thanks to a video that showed off his slick radio voice.  He's received tons of job offers since then, even though he's got a pretty extensive rap sheet.

Time to pull out the rap sheet again.

Ted's in L.A. for media appearances, and on Monday night, someone called the LAPD after he got into a loud argument in a Hollywood hotel with his daughter Janey.

It basically started out as some kind of family gathering, and the bickering developed into a shouting match . . . possibly fueled by alcohol.

Janey says Ted has relapsed into his alcohol-abusing ways, and that he's been drinking a bottle of vodka a night.

Ted says his daughter hit him and scratched his face, but he was led away in handcuffs, and they were both held at a Hollywood police station for a couple hours.

They were both released, and neither was arrested.

Before he became instantly famous, Ted had problems with drugs and alcohol and has been arrested at least a dozen times.  He's served time for theft, forgery, and drug possession.

"The Smoking Gun" dug up some of Ted's mugshots, and depending on the length of his mullet and 'stache, he kinda looks like a homeless Lionel Richie: