If you happened to be at the Lubbock Lions Club Pancake Festival this past Saturday, then you might have seen the carnage. Or maybe you just heard the rumors. But we have video evidence that a monster attacked Lubbock this weekend.

Similar to the Loch Ness Monster, locals have dubbed this hideous creature Tyrannosaurus Rox. It was seen at two different localities this past Saturday, then disappeared into the ether.

Where or when it will strike next nobody knows. But thanks to quick-thinking Lubbockites with cell phones, we at least have video proof that the monster is real. The X-Files have been notified.

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It was also spotted at a local car dealership trying to make its escape in the only vehicle it could fit into: A convertible VW Bug.

And then, for some reason, it just danced for the camera, although the gesture at the end seems kind of uncalled for.

Lubbock Lions Club Pancake Festival 2016 Photos