The Texas Tech Red Raiders Hockey Team will finally have a conference to play in again. Oh, did you not know there was a Texas Tech hockey team? There is.

Many of you remember the short-lived, and to some sorely missed, Cotton Kings minor league hockey team. Well, since they folded, the hockey market in Lubbock has been kind of dry. And yes, there are a ton of hockey fans in this desert town, myself included.

Part of the reason the Texas team has been having trouble is that Lubbock is the largest city in America without a full-size hockey rink. Odessa has one. Yes, Odessa has a hockey rink, and we don't. So the team will actually have to travel there for many of their practices. But at least there's a reason for the practices.

Thankfully now there will be a Texas only conference. The Texas Collegiate Hockey Conference will be a two-division, eight-team conference based completely in Texas.

Viva the Matadors has all the information on the conference.