Yesterday I posted about a promotional film from 1947 for Texas Tech that showed an unfortunate racist moment. But there were some really cool things about the video too.

Here's the film in case you didn't watch it yet.

The film, which shows its age, also gives us a really cool look back at Lubbock from 1947. In this picture, looking to the northwest towards 4th and Indiana, shows NOTHING outside of the campus area. No city at all. Looking at that part of Tech's campus today and you can't see past the university buildings much less all the way to 4th street.

Texas Tech University

The narrator even mentions that at the time of filming over 7,000 students attended Texas Tech. Considering our students number well over 36 thousand today, that's over 5 times as many as back then!

During the parade scene, yes the one with the racist float, you can travel back to see what Lubbock looked like in 1947. Specifically Broadway. You can tell its Broadway because if you look close enough you can see the Green Building in the background. The Green building is the old one downtown that was recently purchased and renovated into the new Reagor-Dykes corporate offices.

And one of my favorite parts of the film is when it shows Jones Field, as it was called back then. Long before it was an actual stadium, it was closer to what Lowery field is today.

Texas Tech Via Facebook

Its really interesting to see how far our school, and our city, have come in 70 years. Makes you proud to be a Red Raider!