I LOVE Netflix! I use it almost daily to watch different TV series, music documentaries, war documentaries and, oddly enough, anything concerning North Korea. I have a weird obsession about knowing everything there is to know about that screwed up place.

Anyway, another thing I LOVE about the service is the hundreds of stand-up comedy specials they offer. I was talking about this on the morning show today...

If you look at the highest-rated stand-up comedy specials that are streaming on Netflix, Kevin Hart's "Seriously Funny" is #1. It's been rated over 2.1 million times...and averages 4.2 stars out of five.

Here are the 12 highest-rated stand-up specials on Netflix Instant:

1.  Kevin Hart, "Seriously Funny", 4.2 stars, after 2.1 million-plus ratings

2.  Louis C.K., "Chewed Up", 4.2 stars, after over 1.4 million ratings

3.  Bill Burr, "You People Are All the Same", 4.2 stars, after over 500,000 ratings

4.  John Mulaney, "New in Town", 4.2 stars, after over 225,000 ratings

5.  Gabriel Iglesias, "Hot and Fluffy", 4.1 stars, after nearly 2.4 million ratings

6.  Jim Gaffigan, "Mr. Universe", 4.1 stars, after nearly 900,000 ratings

7.  Jeff Dunham, "Spark of Insanity", 4 stars, after over 1.8 million ratings

8.  Katt Williams, "The Pimp Chronicles, Part 1", 4 stars, after over 1.2 million ratings

9.  Eddie Murphy, "Raw", 4 stars, after over 1.2 million ratings

10.  George Carlin, "It's Bad for Ya", 4 stars, after over 700,000 ratings

11.  Aziz Ansari, "Buried Alive", 4 stars, after over 600,000 ratings

12,  Bo Burnham, "What", 4 stars, after nearly 500,000 ratings

(Put those in your 'list' for anytime you need a laugh! For more information, including YouTube clips for each, hit up this link.)