So Drexel University used the salaries of college coaches and administrators, and the amount rookies are paid in the pros, and found that the average college football player at a large school has a fair-market value of $120,048 a year.

The school that should be paying their players the most is the University of Texas Longhorns (Suprise! Suprise!) Their coach, Mack Brown, makes $5.1 million a year. And if he were allowed to pay players, they'd each be worth $513,922.

Instead, their scholarship money means their income leaves them $778 below the poverty line.

The average basketball player has a fair-market value of $265,027, and Duke's players should be paid $1,025,656.  Instead, they make $732 OVER the poverty line.

(PR Newswire)

Right, college players aren't paid…unless they go to Miami, Ohio State, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Boise State, Oregon, Auburn, Central Florida, Georgia Tech, LSU, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, or West Virginia…

All of which have been investigated by the NCAA for violations in the past two years. Or Florida State, FIU, Memphis, New Mexico, or USC, who are all on probation right now.

In fact, Penn State, Stanford, Boston College, and Northwestern are the four schools NEVER to be found guilty of a major violation.