2016 is the year to get some color into our lives and that means everything from what we put on our bodies to what we put in them!

Brenda Duby with United Supermarket families said that the color orange not only is vibrant to look at, orange foods contain awesome health benefits too!

We generally assume that orange foods contain vitamin c, which helps boost our immune systems and provide anti aging properties, but orange foods also contain beta carotene which actually converts to vitamin a when our bodies need it.

Brenda said we automatically think of carrots and oranges when we talk about vitamin c and beta carotene, but did you know that a sweet potato or yam contains four times the amount of beta carotene that you need in a day and 35% of your daily required vitamin c.

She also has a great recipe for a one bowl carrot and banana muffin that is as yummy as it is easy!

So let's color our world and our baskets for a healthier, happier 2016!


Photo credit: United Supermarkets


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