Last week, 45-year-old Paul Kevin Curtis of Corinth, Mississippi was arrested for allegedly sending letters containing a poison called RICIN to President Obama, a Mississippi senator, and a judge.

The case became stranger when we found out Paul's an ELVIS IMPERSONATOR.  Little did we know...that just might be at the very heart of the case.

On Tuesday, ALL charges against Paul were DROPPED.  He was SET UP.  And Paul thinks he knows who did it...a rival singer who's JEALOUS of his Elvis skills.

The FBI has begun investigating a man named Everett Dutschke.  He's not just Paul's rival on the Mississippi rock circuit...they're also rivals in taekwondo.  And in MENSA.

Paul says Everett resents him over his brains, his martial arts ability, and as his success as an Elvis impersonator.  Everett has a rock band that does, quote, "live-loop oriented rock with tons of lasers."  But apparently, they're not as successful as Paul is with his Elvis gig.

Back in 2007, Everett ran against a guy named Steve Holland for a spot in Mississippi's legislature.  He lost.  The judge who received one of the letters laced with ricin was Holland's MOTHER.  The investigation is ongoing.