The site has put together a list of The 25 Best NES Games. Those are the original Nintendo games. The ones with the gray cartridges that you blew into whenever they weren't working. Whether that helped or not.

Here's the Top 15:

1.)  "Super Mario Bros. 3"

2.)  "The Legend of Zelda"

3.)  "Castlevania 3:  Dracula's Curse"

4.)  "Metroid"

5.)  "Contra"

6.)  "Super Mario Bros."

7.)  "Mega Man 2"

8.)  "Bionic Commando"

9.)  "Punch-Out!!"

10.)  "Kid Icarus"

11.)  "Tetris"

12.)  "Final Fantasy"

13.)  "Castlevania"

14.)  "Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link"

15.)  "Super Mario Bros. 2"

For brief write-ups on each game and to see the rest of the Top 25, go to The list spans three pages, so click on the box at the bottom of each page to continue on.

Are there any original Nintendo games that you think belong on this list?  Are there any games you think would still hold up today?  Or, do you actually have a working Nintendo system that you still play?

Conversely, what was your LEAST favorite Nintendo game...the one that ANGERED you the most?  For me, it was "Rad Racer".  That game was boring, monotonous and it was impossible to beat without being perfect.