There's a "Gilligan's Island" movie in the works.  Josh Gad, who played Steve Wozniak in the movie "Jobs", is going to co-write it AND play one of the parts. There's no word which one.

I also don't know if it'll take place in the present day. The original series ran for three seasons in the 1960s.

But either way, this brings up the obvious question:  Who would YOU cast in a "Gilligan's Island" movie?  Here are my picks:

Gilligan:  Justin Long

Skipper:  John Goodman

The Professor:  Steve Carell

Mary Ann:  Jennifer Lawrence

Ginger:  Christina Hendricks

Mr. Howell:  Tom Hanks

Mrs. Howell:  Meryl Streep

Could you do better?  Most likely.  So give it a shot.  What's the DREAM "Gilligan's Island" cast?

And just for fun, here's the original opening to the show: