So you want your kids to experience the joy of opening new toys this Christmas, but you kinda don't want to spend the money.

Well, there's an interesting new website that can help.

It's called Toygaroo, and basically it's the Netflix of toys. For a monthly fee, you can RENT toys. Then after a month or two...once your kids are sick of return them.

The cheapest plan is $24.99-a-month, which gets you four toys every other month. The most expensive plan is $52.99-a-month, for eight toys every month.

But, based on what toys cost, they say you can save HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of dollars a year instead of actually buying them.

Of course, the ultimate question here is...are you kids going to be disappointed that their toys are rented and not theirs to keep?

The website is If you're interested but aren't sure if you want to put down the money, they're offering a 14-day free trial.