#1.)  "Paul"  (R)

Seth Rogen plays an alien who escapes from Area 51 and asks "Shaun of the Dead" superstars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost to help him get back to his mothership.  "SNL's" Kristen Wiig plays a woman who joins them on their road trip.

The rest of the cast includes Jason Bateman as the federal agent hunting Paul down, Sigourney Weaver as the Area 51 boss who wants Paul dead, and Jane Lynch from "Glee" as a big-haired diner waitress.

#2.)  "Limitless"  (PG-13)

Bradley Cooper takes an untested "smart drug" that allows him to use 100% of his brain. With the drug's help, he goes into business with Robert DeNiro and makes a killing on Wall Street. But his sudden success attracts the attention of people who want to get their hands on his stash. And as the drug's brutal side effects kick in, he has to run for his life before his supply runs out.

#3.)  "Lincoln Lawyer"  (R)

Matthew McConaughey plays a lawyer working out of his car, who lands the biggest case of his career, defending a Beverly Hills playboy on an attempted murder charge.

William H. Macy plays his private investigator, Marisa Tomei is McConaughey's wife, and Ryan Phillippe is his shady client. The rest of the cast includes John Leguizamo and country singer Trace Adkins, who plays a biker.