According to a local Jeep enthusiast group, tire thieves are stealing the spare tires off of Jeeps in plain sight. If you have a rear mounted spare tire they might target your car, too.

The Flatlander Jeeps of West Texas Facebook group posted that a couple of thieves driving a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck have been hitting local Jeep owners with a tire iron to steal their spares right off of their cars:

Apparently, we have two men that are stealing spare tires off of jeeps in Lubbock. The police asked that we share theses pictures and keep an eye out for the thieves. They drive a dark colored Ford Explorer sport tract or Toyota Tacoma and there is a nice picture of them removing tires. Please share on your facebook and ask others to share this post!

The Lubbock Police Department posted video of the thieves in action on May 5, but there doesn't seem to be any updates about the case since then on their Facebook page.

Looking closely in the photos, you can see that the criminal's vehicle is a Toyota truck and not a Ford of any kind. But if you've seen these guys in a parking lot, watch out because they might be stealing your tire or your neighbors' tires.

Please call the police (it's safer not to confront them) and turn them in if you see them. And you might want to invest in some locking lug nuts to make it harder for anyone to steal a few hundred dollars worth of tire and rim from you.