Tom Hanks’ 20-year-old son Chester is a wannabe rapper, who's going by the name Chet Haze. I’m not kidding.  And he's facing a steep uphill battle to rap credibility. In addition to being the son of Forrest Gump (and white) Chet Haze's crib is currently located at Northwestern University, which isn't exactly known for being a tough hood.  Unless you consider a school of Ivy League rejects intimidating.

But Chet doesn't think any of that will actually affect his career in hip-hop.

He says, quote, "See man, the stereotypes, what they really come from is, I'm a white kid from the suburbs, from a well-to-do family, and that's about the last thing your average middle American thinks about when he thinks about hip-hop.

"There's just a lot of cliches out there.  People associate hip-hop and the music of hip-hop with being from the hood and being gangster.  That's a portion.

"Hip-hop is something more than white and black.  Hip-hop is not only music, but a culture.  And if it speaks to you, then it speaks to you.  Hip-hop has spoken to me since I was a little kid.

"No matter where you're from or who you are, if the music and the culture speaks to you, it's gonna have an effect on you.  That's what's happened to me.  It's something I love and it's something I do."

Check out this embarrassing track called "Easy Ryder": (WARNING! This clip has completely inappropriate language all over the place.)