I ran across this story today and it absolutely floored me. A clown at a child's birthday party in Sonora, Mexico was severely beaten over the weekend.

Now, I'm not a big fan of clowns, but not only is this story true, it's also sad because the guy in the clown suit is also a human being. If this was a scene out of a movie, it might be funny. But the fact that this man was severely beaten takes the funny right out of it.

What is a little funny, however, is the coalition of clowns and performance artists who are now protesting in Mexico as a result of the beating. Clowns and police in a stand off? Priceless.

Tony Tambor is the clown who was hired for the child's birthday party. When a 6-year-old lost a game, the beating was allegedly ordered by the family. It was so severe that the clown had to be hospitalized.

Judith, the mother of the 6-year-old kid, told police that her child said the clown was being rude to him and calling him names. She said that her son suffers from hyperactivity and that her brother got involved. That's when the alleged beating occurred.

So, we've heard the warnings about travelers going to Mexico at their own risk for other more serious reasons. But if you do go, definitely leave the clown suit at home.