In response to the Manti Te'o's bizarre dead-girlfriend hoax, has put out a list of The Top 10 Imaginary Girlfriend Songs.

The site says the list "proves even the most famous musicians remember what it was like to have to daydream about having a better romantic life."

Here's the Top 5:

1.)  "Dream Weaver",  Gary Wright  (1975)

2.)  "Just My Imagination",  The Rolling Stones  (1978)...which is an up tempo cover of a 1971 song by The Temptations.  (Here's the Stones doing it live. And here's the mellow original, which Manti'd be more likely to sob along to.)

3.)  "Pictures of Lily",  The Who  (1967)

4.)  "Be My Girl - Sally",  The Police  (1978)

5.)  "Rosie",  Jackson Browne  (1977)

You can find brief write-ups on each song at

Is there another great "imaginary girlfriend song" that should be on this list?  If you have one, make your case in the Facebook widget below!