If you missed President Obamas State of the Union speech last night, here are some Tweets I searched a little before, during and after the speech:

(michaelianblack) If Obama wants to draw a stark contrast between himself and Gingrich tonight, he should do the State of the Union shirtless.

(hellobuglers) STATE OF THE UNION SPEECH NEWS: Leak suggests that Obama will build on his Al Green success by singing Megadeth's Symphony Of Destruction.

(CriticalA) I would rather wipe down the exercise equipment on "The Biggest Loser" with my tongue, than watch the State of the Union Address.

(umairh) I'm not sure I can snark the ludicrously comical kabuki political theatre known as the State of the Union. But I might try.

(bengreenman) I wish they would take that State of the Union graphic off the corner of the NBC broadcast. It's too big. I know what show this is.

(Dave_Horwitz) The State Of The Union should be retitled, "Hey, You Know What Would Be Cool?"

(RyanBasford) Figures.. I rented "State of the Union" at Blockbuster last night and now it's on every network for free.

(OpieRadio) State of the Union - Biden wants to pick his nose SO bad. and what's up with the constant blinking? Someone throw him some visine!!

(SororityProblem) The State of the Union and my attention span do not mix.

(HomerJSimpson) I don't need Obama to tell me the State Of The Union. I can judge that by the number of fruity yogurt shops on the same block.

(rudepundit) Man, I love the close-up on John McCain, looking like a leprechaun suicide bomber about to blow himself up there, as Obama talks about the Dream Act.

(John Fugelsang) Yeah, I still blame Bush. I still blame George Lucas for Jar Jar, too.

(kthalps) I hope Obama addresses the threat that's even greater than "the threat of deportation." And I think you know what I'm talking about: "self-deportation."

(clayaiken) There are a few people n the audience at the State of The Union that look like they need to be punched in the throat! Not saying who. Just saying.

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