I recently spotted a tuxedo-clad fisherman out at the lake. The off- white ruffles on his chest complemented the dark color of his sides and shoulders. His intensity as he fished was exceptional. The steely look in his eye proved he was a determined taskmaster as he surveyed the surface of the water.

With one swift down motion he grabbed the unsuspecting fish and continued his vigilance for that one sure lunker. As he lit in a nearby tree, this tuxedo-clad fisherman began to tear apart the small fish with his beak that he held in talons as big as a man’s hand. This magnificent osprey that appeared to be decked out in a tuxedo was enjoying his catch and meal of the morning.

While watching the osprey soaring overhead and ultimately skimming the surface of the lake to get his catch, I marveled at the speed and precision he showed while snatching the unsuspecting fish. The osprey has to be one of the most beautiful and magnificent animals I have ever seen. I am a big fan of birds of prey, but I had never gotten to see an osprey up close. His stature is different from the average hawk in that his size, wingspan, and speed appear to be superior.

Whether you are a fisherman or just enjoy watching wildlife in and around the water, Buffalo Springs Lake is the ideal place to discover that unique bird or animal. I know, because I have. Come to the lake, just 5 miles east of Loop 289 on FM 835.

-Jim Madewell-